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Settling in Switzerland or arriving here on temporary foreign assignment can present problems.


Senior managers in a company are usually offered a broad range of relocation services, taxation advice and legal support aimed at comfort and financial security in a new country.


Lower levels of management, however, are often not offered these additional consultancy services by their employer. But they are nevertheless important simply because another country implies other customs.


Nobody would like to pay double income tax unnecessarily if, for example, they are in violation of a double income tax agreement between two countries. Neither would they like to see the emergence of a sizable gap in their pension fund.


And everyone would like to minimize the tax impact on any benefits received.


However, if a temporary expatriate employment contract is changed to a local labor contract, then usually all the additional services offered by the company no longer continues but they actually become more necessary than ever!


Precisely as a result of this situation, an expatriate can encounter an enormous variety of problems unless they are willing to pay several thousands of Swiss francs for advice from one of the big five auditing and consulting firms.


Here, and with our experience, is where we come in, because we KNOW that you need AFFORDABLE AND PERSONAL SOLUTIONS!