Your Swiss tax declaration From an Expert starting from 380.-

Costs that pay off!

It‘s that time of the year again…Your annual tax declaration is due soon! Save some time and money by relying in our experts. Even tax declarations, which many people assume are straightforward, can end up being surprisingly complex. A specialist can gut through the jargon, identify efficiencies, and trim your tax bill.


We can do this conveniently, quickly and at competitive rates (incl. VAT and just applicable if we receive a complete set of documents and datas regarding our tax checklist).

Our fees: Easy to understand, transparent and simple

Type A - starting at CHF 380.-

incl. normal tax representation

  Type B - starting at CHF 430.-

incl. normal tax representation

  Type C - starting at CHF 490.-

incl. normal tax representation


Aingle earner real

estate in the Canton of Zurich,

with  flat-rate

deduction, up to 5

securities positions, 2 debt positions





Double earner, real

estate in the Canton of Zurich,

with flat-rate deduction,

up to 7 securities

positions, 2 debt positions




Double earner, real

estate in the Canton of Zurich,

with detailed deductions

or up to 10 securities positions

(in case of detail deductions, we charge for

each asset position CHF 10.-) 2 debt



Additional Feed (incl. VAT):

Mid-year tax declaration CHF 100.-
Surcharge - canton other than Zurich CHF 100.-
Intercantonal allocation of assets and income CHF 250.-
International allocation of assets and income CHF 250.-
Tax equalisation calculation CHF 380.-
Full tax representation per fiscal period after leaving Switzerland
CHF 280.-
Additional asset holding/bank account/ debt position after 10/2 positions CHF  10.-
Withholding Tax (Tax at source) amendment application upon workload, min. CHF 280.-
Form A (self-employed) upon workload, min. CHF 140.-
Form DA-1 (reclaim of foreign withholding tax) CHF 20.- per position, min. CHF 100.-
Urgent: get your tax declaration in 5 days CHF 250.-
Top urgent: We will process your request IMMEDIATELY double the fee
Data request for incomplete delivery of datas reg. our tax checklist      
upon workload, min. CHF 65.-

For all other cases, please ask for an individual quote!

Download Tax Checklist:

Download Tax Checklist:
Steuercheckliste EN.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 50.4 KB

Bank details for tax payments within the canton of Zurich:

Bank details for tax payments within the canton of Zurich
Payment details for Tax payments in the
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 150.6 KB

VIP - PaCkage

 You want the total carefree package? Then we offer you our VIP tax package with personal contact person. This includes the following services:

Preparation of your tax return incl.

  •     20 securities positions
  •     10 Debt interest positions
  •     5 Real estate
  •     Property maintenance with 10 detailed positions per property
  •     Intercantonal tax separation
  •     International tax separation
  •     Tax return during the year
  •     10 Withholding tax reclaims on dividends
  •     Full tax representation
  •     Tax return returned in 10 days
  •     5 hours of Deloris AG consulting (tax advice, objections, real estate, estate, inheritance etc.)
  •     Personal contact person

Price: CHF 3'200 incl. VAT

Please leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or just call us at 044 523 66 77

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