We are Deloris AG.

Our mission is simple: We give our clients security and time, because we support them wherever questions about individual taxes, finances, real estate, inheritance planning or insurances arise. 


We are a Zurich-based tax consultancy.

Are you looking for a consulting firm that does not deal with specialized topics like venture capital lending, Delaware corporations, or shipping container leasing?

At Deloris AG, we believe strongly in our local heritage by providing well-founded answers to your individual queries. With keen passion and an interest in each client’s circumstances, our staff helps in all aspects of life: from prenup agreements to pension funds, and from estate planning to the execution of last wills.


From 2009 to today.

Deloris AG was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced financial planners. The consultancy was born out of a real need in the Zurich area for highly specialized expert tax advice. In the years since its inception, Deloris AG has grown into a reputable tax consultancy in Zurich.

We have been serving upward of 3800 clients, with our core competence being mainly on individuals. In 2022, Deloris AG was sold to Bank Thalwil Genossenschaft, a small regional bank on Lake Zurich. Deloris AG remains independent and will not advise on investment suggestions. But thanks to our banking network, we can offer everything from mortgages to tailored financial advice.

Grüezi! Bonjour! DOBRÝ DEN!

We are all ears.

From Swiss German to French, and even Czech: our talented team of advisors not only brings extensive industry experience to the table. They also cater to our clients in the language they prefer.

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Our People

Meet the team.

Myriam Isenring
Myriam Isenring

General Manager

Fabian Imbach

Head of Taxes

Jana Svoboda - Deloris AG
Jana Svoboda

Tax Manager

Mathis Stutz

Tax Consultant

Financial Advisor for Expatriates in Zurich - Marlon Recine - Deloris AG
Marlon Recine

Financial Planner

Susanne Bereuter - Deloris AG
Susanne Bereuter

Inheritance Planner

Aimée Kuhn

Head of Back Office


Life at Deloris AG.

Our small team of experts enjoys attractive conditions in the heart of Zurich.

We value diversity, encouraging a positive work environment where all employees can bring their unique backgrounds and perspectives to the table.

Our office is located just steps from Lake Zurich. The workspaces are modern and well-equipped, providing a comfortable and productive environment for our employees.

We place a strong emphasis on employee development and well-being, ensuring a supportive work environment with room to grow.

We offer employees the chance to make a real impact by working on meaningful projects and contributing to the success of the company.

We also donate to World Vision Switzerland because it gives a face to our donation. And we promote the consumption of tap water in Switzerland. In addition, we enable water projects in Zambia and Moçambique.

The office may be located in Zurich, but we work with clients from all corners of the world. Our employees tell us that this is an enriching experience they would not want to miss.

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