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We help you understand Swiss taxes and double taxation agreements.

Senior managers in corporations are usually offered a broad range of relocation services. From expatriate tax advice to legal support, these services provide an important layer of security.

The same level of services is rarely offered to lower levels of management who work abroad on temporary assignments. Nevertheless, a competent tax preparation service is essential for any expatriates settling in Switzerland. New sets of rules and regulations apply, as well as ways of optimizing the tax burden.

A double taxation agreement between two countries is just one example to showcase the complexity of international taxes. Pension fund contributions may be a valid strategy to optimize tax liability while avoiding income gaps during retirement. Other tax deductions may be applicable for owners of real estate in Switzerland.

Once expatriate employment contracts are converted to permanent Swiss labor contracts, many of the employer-provided benefits and services tend to vanish. Ironically, this is also the stage in an expatriate’s life when tax services become more important than ever.

Here at Deloris AG, we have a keen understanding of the hurdles many expatriates in Zurich face. And we are fully committed to helping in optimizing all aspects of life – especially personal tax Zurich liabilities.

Have a look at our range of affordable tax return Zurich services – including a fixed-priced tax preparation service starting at CHF 350.


As an expatriate living in Switzerland, navigating the tax landscape can be overwhelming. Switzerland has a complex tax system, with federal, cantonal, and communal taxes to be considered.

Our team of experienced tax advisors is here to help you understand your tax liability. We make sure that you take full advantage of any tax breaks and deductions. Most importantly, we know all the important cut-off dates, making sure that your tax return is filed in time for the Swiss filing deadline. And when push comes to shove, we will gladly help you file an extension on the filing deadline.


Zurich Tax Returns and Filings 🇨🇭

We will help you comply with Swiss tax laws and regulations while taking advantage of any tax breaks and deductions.

U.S. Tax Returns and Filings 🇺🇸

US citizens and Green Card holders living in Switzerland have unique filing obligations. Our specialized team works closely with several US tax preparers in Zurich.

Simple Fee Structure

We offer several fixed price packages to suit your needs. For everything else, our standard hourly fee of CHF 350 applies - no matter how complex your situation may be.


Switzerland has signed double taxation agreements (DTAs) with more than 100 countries. But what does this mean for the personal taxes of expatriates in Zurich and in other cantons?

A double taxation agreement is a treaty made between two countries. Its goal is to avoid the double taxation of individuals and businesses that have connections in both countries. One example of a DTA is the double taxation agreement Switzerland US.

These treaties cover taxes on income, such as salaries, interest, and dividends. Without DTAs, expatriates in Zurich would face a double tax liability on their income; once in Switzerland and once back home.

We can help you avoid being taxed on the same income both in Switzerland and in your home country. Our team will provide you with guidance on the myriad of double taxation agreements – and will show you how to take advantage of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Switzerland has a complex, decentralized tax system. There are tax liabilities coming from federal, cantonal, and municipal levels. Given that there are 26 cantons and 2148 municipalities, this leads to lots of different tax rates across the country.

If you work in Switzerland as an international employee, your employer will deduct the income tax directly from your paycheck and pass it on to the canton. This is called taxation at source. The income tax system in Switzerland is progressive, meaning the more you earn, the higher your tax rate will be.

Income and assets of married couples are added together. And yes, you read correctly, Switzerland has a wealth tax.

And finally, Switzerland follows the “fiscal domicile” principle, which means that residents are taxed on their worldwide income. This could result in double taxation, but Switzerland has signed agreements with over 100 countries to avoid this.

With so many different layers of tax obligations, it can be hard to keep up with what you owe. But don’t worry, we are here to help with all of your tax-related needs.

The taxable income in Switzerland includes earned income, investment income, compensatory income, and income from other sources. Certain types of income such as inheritance, gifts, subsidies, and insurance payments may be exempt from taxes under certain circumstances.

Income taxes in Switzerland are calculated based on your place of residence. If you have a permanent or temporary residence in Switzerland, your worldwide income and net wealth will be considered when calculating the tax rate. However, if you only have an economic connection to Switzerland (holiday home in Switzerland), you are subject to a limited tax liability.

In Switzerland, the “fiscal domicile” applies, according to which you are taxed on your worldwide income and assets. As such, it is mandatory for those with a taxable residence to file a Swiss tax return. This includes Swiss citizens and foreigners with a residence permit. With a residence permit B, the employer will deduct the taxes directly from your salary. Under certain circumstances, you will still have to file a tax return. Contact one of our tax advisers to determine your tax obligations and avoid potential double taxation.

You can do this via our secure Upload link Arcano. However, this is a one-way upload. We are currently testing Smart eTax, a secure and efficient platform where you and Deloris will have access to your tax documents, as well as the prepared tax return:

  • Upload tax documents from any device.
  • Save time with a guided step-by-step process and a personalized checklist.
  • Minimize back-and-forth with your tax advisor.
  • Access valuable tax tips for optimizations.

Why we like working with Smart eTax:

  • Developed in Switzerland
  • Secure servers located in Switzerland
  • Simplification of tax preparation experience
  • Everything stored in one place with 24/7 accessibility 

The introduction is planned for 2025. If you are an early adopter and want to try it out already, please contact us.

Yes, the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) considers cryptocurrencies as assets, which are subject to Swiss wealth tax and income tax. You must declare any cryptocurrencies in your annual tax returns alongside other assets. Different tokens have different taxation rules, and each canton has different rates for individual income and wealth taxes.

The tax year in Switzerland runs from January 1 to December 31. Tax returns must be filed by the end of March of the following year, and provisional advance tax payments are typically due by the end of September of the current tax year.

It is possible to receive an automatic filing extension to September 30. In some cases, receiving an extension may also be possible until December 31. If you are our client, we will gladly take care of the extension.

We offer several tax preparation packages starting at CHF 350. For individual queries or one-off requests, we charge a standard hourly fee of CHF 350 plus additional surcharges according to the complexity of the tax return.

If you are behind on filing your tax returns (or have never started), contact us as soon as possible so that we can take care of the extension of your filing deadline.

Download our free tax checklist.

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The secure Arcano cloud with true end-to-end encryption is hosted in Switzerland.

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