Financial Advisor for Expatriates in Zurich.

Are you in need of expert tax advice, financial advising, or estate planning?


We have a passion for Swiss financial planning, from personal finance to pension funds.

Our financial advisors have a deep understanding of your unique life situation as an expatriate in Zurich. And they appreciate that you may feel overwhelmed at navigating the financial landscape of Switzerland.

Have a look at the range of financial services our team of experienced financial planners offers. Their goal is to make your money matters in Switzerland predictable – and painless!

Swiss Financial Planning

Get expert support for all aspects of your personal finances, such as selecting a Swiss bank or obtaining a mortgage. Our financial planner will also help you structure your finances to meet your long-term goals running.

Swiss Retirement Planning and Pension Planning

Secure your golden years with in-depth Swiss retirement planning services, including pension fund and personal savings advice.

Transparent Fees

Regardless of how complex your personal finance query may be, we charge a competitive hourly rate of CHF 350.


Tax Compliance and Planning

Our team of tax experts will ensure that you comply with all Swiss tax laws and regulations. This includes helping you understand your tax obligations, as well as showing how you can take advantage of any applicable tax breaks and deductions.

Specifically, we can advise you with these tax requirements:

  • Filing of domestic tax applications
  • Tax optimization tailored to your individual situation
  • Reclaiming of foreign withholding taxes
  • Preparation of international and intercantonal Swiss tax allocations
  • Advice on international double taxation treaties
  • Tax efficient transfer of occupational pension funds
  • Creating mid-year tax returns after entry or departure
  • Second opinion on existing declarations/assessments
  • Property gains tax
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies

Estate Planning

Estate planning entails conducting a thorough examination of one’s own life situation, lineage, and assets. Our professional estate planning service helps you express your wishes clearly and unambiguously. This, in turn, ensures that they are carried out according to plan, and that family conflicts are prevented.

Tax-optimized Swiss Pension Planning

The goal of pension planning is to ensure a secure standard of living in your retirement. By analyzing your current income, expenses, and debt, our financial planners will prepare a comprehensive analysis. As a result, they will be able to project future financial needs and create a roadmap for achieving your financial goals.


To help secure your current standard of living in retirement and to plan your estate, a comprehensive analysis of your financial health is essential.

Sound financial planning is based on various factors, all of which ensure long-term financial security. These factors include financial reserves such as liquid assets and an appropriate savings balance. The investment strategy should also be adjusted so that it matches your particular investor profile.

Talking with a one of our financial planners will allow you to review your financial health and secure your retirement.

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