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Our Fees

Easy to understand and transparent fees.

Fixed priced packages and a single hourly rate.

We offer individual tax declarations starting at just CHF 350. For any individual questions, personal finance reviews, or inheritance planning, we charge an hourly rate of CHF 350.

With our four packages and the additional charges for the level of complexity, you can see at a glance what your tax return will cost. Of course, you can also contact our advisors, and we will calculate the exact costs directly over the phone.

Our tax return Zurich service packages at a glance.


CHF 350
  • Tax filing
  • Deadline extension


CHF 850
  • «Basic» Package, plus:
  • Simple tax representation
  • Communication related to additional tax documentation
  • Personal review


CHF 1'350
  • «Comfort» Package, plus:
  • Full tax representation
  • Collection of additional tax documentation
  • Tax objection


CHF 3'500
  • «Top» Package, plus:
  • Priority processing
    (5 business days)
  • Personal tax advisor
  • No additional surcharges


Surcharge for mid-year tax declaration CHF 150
Surcharge for cantons other than ZH CHF 100
Double incomes CHF 150
Inter-cantonal tax allocation (eg. for property in another canton) CHF 250
International tax allocation (eg. for property outside of Switzerland) CHF 250
Property CHF 100 each
Detailed deduction of costs for property According to complexity
Bank account, debt position, other asset position CHF 10 each
Alimony payments CHF 50 each
Form A (self-employed) CHF 200
Form DA-1 (refund of foreign withholding taxes, e.g. on dividends) CHF 200
Withholding tax rate correction/reassessment for withholding tax payers According to complexity
(min. CHF 280)
Priority tax returns
(within 5 business days)
CHF 250
High priority cases done IMMEDIATELY Double the fee
Wage statement for ANOBAG
(people working for foreign employers)
CHF 350
Tax valuation of a non-exchange listed company Starting at CHF 350
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Comparison of the included services.

«Basic» «Comfort» «Top» «VIP»
Tax filing, incl. provisional tax calculation
Deadline extension
Simple tax representation, incl. review of the tax assessment -
Full tax representation, incl. handling and review of the entire correspondence from the tax office - -
Request of additional documentation through tax office Hourly fee Hourly fee
Tax objection Hourly fee Hourly fee
Various communication related to missing information for the completion of your tax return Hourly fee
Personal discussion of your tax declaration Hourly fee
Processing within 5 business days CHF 250 CHF 250 CHF 250
Personal tax advisor - - -
Additional costs for declaration of assets, debt positions, properties, tax allocations, etc. See price list See price list See price list All-inclusive
Klavs Renerts
Dec 19, 2021

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